We source our meat products from all over the globe. We do endeavour to support local Australian producers, whilst also providing our customers with the best continental products available. We stock a comprehensive range of:

Smallgoods and Charcuterie


The revival in popularity of traditionally produced smallgoods has meant that some of the best products in the world are now coming from small producers in Australia. This includes family run businesses such as Istra, Quattro Stelle and San Jose.

If you require a specific product, please let us know and we will be sure to get it in for you. We take customer orders for meat to ensure you always get the freshest meat on the day you want it.


Peter Bouchier – our meat is exclusively supplied by Peter Bouchier. We stock fresh cut meat on MAP trays, a range of sausages and delicious ham.

Barkly Smokehouse – we stock the award winning Grandmother ham, as well as delicious kabanossy.

Bertocchi – as part of our dedication to offering affordable fridge and pantry staple items, we stock a range of Bertocchi sopressa and mortadella.

Borgo – we stock a range of Italian-style smallgoods from Borgo. A stand-out is the pure pork salami.

Istra – traditionally produced smallgoods, of which the chorizo is a standout.

La Boqueria – this authentic Spanish range of smallgoods is proudly produced in Australia. The Morcon Ahumado Picante is a staff and customer favourite.

La Hoguera – Duroc 18 month reserve serrano. This jamon is incredibly rich and full flavoured. It is a decadent addition to any charcuterie platter.

La Parisienne Pate – pâtés and terrines made using traditional french recipes on Melbourne’s Lygon St.

Princi – we stock a selection of Princi salami. This well known brand consistently produce excellent quality products.

Prosciutto San Danielle – this delicate and delicious prosciutto is sought over the world over. We supply it pre-sliced on MAP trays to preserve the quality of the prosciutto.

Quattro Stelle – these traditional Italian products are exceptional. The Tartufo (black truffle) salami is out of this world.

San Jose Smallgoods – award winning smallgoods made from 100% female South Australian pork.

Skara Smallgoods – award winning, artisan smallgoods – pre packed for convenience.