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It's crumpet love. Dr Marty's crumpets served with your favourite toppings. @drmartyscrumpets @wellingtonapiary #cunliffeandwaters #crumpets #breakfast #snack #rathdownedeli

Our menu is ever changing according to the seasons, and sometimes on a whim. We are always happy to make up a croissant or bagel, or simply some toast from the hundreds of options in our deli fridge and pantry. Chat to our friendly staff, who can put together something traditional, or something personalised to your taste. Everything we have on offer can be eaten in our cosy deli, or taken away to enjoy.



We offer a simple, tried and tested breakfast menu, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


We make a delicious superfood packed granola in house, which can be eaten with your choice of milk, creamy natural yoghurt, or nude as a crunchy snack.


Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli or Unexpected Guest Granuesli (or even it’s sister, Gluten Free-style) can be enjoyed with your choice of milk or yoghurt.


Our buttery croissants are baked fresh every morning, and can be filled with creamy havarti and smoked ham, smothered in sweet Yarra Valley strawberry jam, or devoured on their own.


Traditional New York style boiled bagels from Five and Dime. Fill them to the brim, toast them, leave them fresh… it’s up to you!


Dr Marty’s Crumpets are handmade using organic flour and notoriously tricky to produce. These tasty little treasures are waiting to be toasted and smothered in whatever takes your fancy.

The old trusty smashed avocado

A breaky menu these days isn’t complete without the obligatory smashed avocado and feta option. And there is a reason it is universally loved -it’s bloody delicious. We serve ours atop crusty Vincenzo’s sourdough toast, with creamy Meredith Dairy Goat’s feta, sliced chilli, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon. Don’t mess with the classics.


We stock gorgeous artisan bread from Vincenzo’s Bakery in Abbotsford. We are happy to toast you a slice and smother it in anything you see on our well stocked pantry shelves. Cunliffe & Water’s jams from the Yarra Valley are a favourite among the regulars.


Bread and jam for home page

It's crumpet love. Dr Marty's crumpets served with your favourite toppings.Bread and jam for home page