La Boqueria Smallgoods is a collection of produce dedicated to authenticity, prime ingredients and of course, flavour. La Boqueria has been created right here in Australia, using traditional spanish recipes and techniques.

Developed by Spanish produce importer and proud Catalan, Emile Gomez, he has spent the past eight years carefully selecting the finest jamón ibérico de bellota, richly flavoured mojama, brightly hued paprika and precious Pedro Jimenez vinegars for Australian consumers and restaurants.

“I wanted to be able to present that kind
of passion and authenticity in a well rounded collection of Spanish smallgoods…and I believe I’ve done that in La Boqueria”
– Emile Gomez

After two years of testing traditional recipes collected from artisan producers and family connections (because in Spain, it’s always who you know), Emile now presents a starting line up of thirteen varieties of smallgoods that combine prime Australian produce with authentic Spanish spices, to become La Boqueria.